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Enco company

ENCO Company Limited, was established in 1999 and specializes in providing products and services for controlling humidity & moisture. The sources of our strength are made of our highly expertise and experience peoples, who have worked on this field dating back from 1995 .


Moisture is not created or disppeared, it is existed natually in our environemnt, and just moving from this place to another or changing from this form to anther. We, ENCO, try to direct moisture moving on the direction that best serve human being and preserving our nature!
Always research new humidity-solving technology, solution and products in order to provide customer with the most efficient solution at reasonable investment.

Our slogan






Widen-side: Always find, develop and introduce to the market new product and service which can meet with increasingly higher demand from customer

Depth-side: Always reinforced technical knowlege in combination with feadback from reality in order to create a reliable base supporting other activities toward offering the most suitable solution for each requirement.

Co-operation: Always want to open co-operation with other partners every where on three-sides benefit commitment; our sociaty, our partner and ourselves.
aa"Expertised & Experienced"

ENCO providing seminar on "humidity solution technique" for undergradute student of thermotechique and air-conditioning department at Ho Chi Minh City Polytechnique University (The man standing on the right is Dr. Le Chi Hiep - The dean of the deparment and also the author of famous "Air-conditioning Handbook").
"Enthusiam and Responsibility"

ENCO techician and Engineer together with Supplier Expert checking the commissioning of new installation

"Selected high-quality Products"


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