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  • Dry cabinet

    Automatic dry cabinet, inside volume 85 litre.
  • Commercial & Industrial dehumidifier

    Standing dehumidifier, indoor installation, movable by caster, use 1 phase power source, can be drained directly through hose or to collect water bucket.
  • Precision air-conditioner

    Harison precision air-conditioner is product of Naav Solutions Inc (Canada) assembled in Thailand. It can control both temperature and humidity precisely and used widely in telecommunication center, server room, lab, precision machining,...
  • Special dryer

    This dryer uses desiccant rotor to remove water vapor from the air, so moisture from product is evaporated to the air and exhausted out, product is dried to as low as 6% at moderate temperature of below 45%. 
  • Devatec Humidifier

    Ultrasonice humidifier, automatic and can control humidity up to 95% (programmable), Low energy consumption (30W). Widely use in labolatory, special production room, fresh fruit and vegetable warehouse.... Note: Vietnam is hot and humid country so do not use Humidifier in house as humidity above 70% can cause many health problems and deteriorate furnitures.
  • Desiccant

    2kgs desiccant bag with string used for export cargo in container to prevent container condensation.


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